Training on career development


EASCO training, orientation and assistance on career development

Workshops, training courses (in English or in French, or in other languages where needed) will be delivered for students, post-docs and researchers of all ages and disciplines from academic institutions or  industry, on the following:
set up the career plan: write a CV/motivation letter, job interviews...
look for the excellence: find a good mentor, a good lab and a good project
write a research paper: abstract, report, thesis, research article...
prepare a mobility project for both outgoing and reintegration phases
set up a competitive project: evaluate the feasibility, budget, collaborations...
other courses/services on request of researchers and students according to their needs and background.

Courses, individual coaching and practical training and assistance are now available free of charge for students, post-doc and unemploied researchers*

For applying for courses and other services, download the registration form  and send it to the EASCO manager.

* however, a free subscription to EASCO to contribute to general charges will be appreciated.
Please note that subscriptions, sponsoring and donations to EASCO allow 66% reduction of taxes of both personal and professional incomes.


Links of partner organisations for career implementation

phd programs offers a variety of different resources, with one of the most prominent features being the tool that allows users to search for their online PhD program. The resource helps provides insight into the postdoctoral options available to PhD students. In addition to providing advice for postdoc success, this guide explains the benefits and drawbacks to choosing to do a postdoctoral program as well as tips for choosing a postdoc. It’s a complete guide for anyone potentially considering this career path