EASCO, European Association for Scientific Career Orientation, is a non profit organization* based in Paris at:

5, rue Legravèrend, 75012 Paris

Contact: phone: +33(0)1 53 02 90 04; mobile: +33(0) 6 85 07 69 05; fax: +33(0)1 43 42 48 50 contact@easco.org

* affiliated to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (SNC 9134)         CNRS


Main objectives/missions of EASCO:

▪ to spread scientific and complementary management skills to researchers by organizing conference, workshops and training courses;
▪ to promote the European research and education by encouraging collaborative research programs and assisting institutions and individual researchers in writing grant applications;
▪ to increase the quality and the dynamics of human resources by facilitating the career achievements of researchers;
▪ to develop the industry-academia dialogue by encouraging inter-sector research projects, cross-mobility and entrepreneurship of researchers.


EASCO training, career development and European projects services

▪ High level conferences & practical workshops and summer schools
▪ Training on research management and career development
▪ Promotion and coordination of European projects of research and mobility (European Commission programs)


To benefit of the EASCO services

▪ fill up the questionnaire and send it to: EASCO - 5, rue Legravèrend, 75012 Paris

or by email to contact@easco.org

For more information, contact Mauro Mezzina - phone: +33 (0)1 53 02 90 04; mobile: +33(0)6 85 07 69 05;

email: mezzina@easco.org


More information on training on management and career development

The courses, in English or in French, will be for researchers/students of all ages and disciplines in academic institutions or in industry.

Courses, individual coaching and practical training and assistance are now available free of charge for students, post-doc and unemployed researchers*

For applying for courses and other services, download the questionnaire (available in both English and French) and sent it to the EASCO manager.

*The employer institutions will be invited to give a free subscription to EASCO to contribute to general charges.
Please note that subscriptions, sponsoring and donations to EASCO allow 66% reduction of taxes of both personal and professional incomes.



More information on promotion and coordination of European projects

EASCO is involved in two European networks in the frame of Marie Curie program of Marie Curie:

▪ the ITN (Initial Training Network) ADVance

▪ the IAPP (Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways BrainVectors